Our Fave Costa Drinks That Come In Under 100 Calories

Healthy Costa Drinks: All Our Fave Costa Drinks That Come In At Under 100 Calories Gray Frame Corner

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Cappuccino (Regular No Sugar) : Savor The Rich Flavor Of A Classic Cappuccino Without The Guilt – It'S Under 100 Calories When You Skip The Sugar!

Cortado (Small) : This Espresso Cut With A Small Amount Of Warm Milk Is Perfect For Those Looking For A Creamy Coffee Fix That Won'T Break The Calorie Bank.

Mint Infusion : Refreshing And Calorie-Conscious Costa'S Mint Infusion Is A Delightful Herbal Option To Keep You Cool And Hydrated.

Lemon And Ginger Infusion : Enjoy The Zing Of Lemon And Warmth Of Ginger In This Caffeine-Free Drink That'S Light On Calories But Heavy On Flavor.

Flat White (Small Skimmed Milk) : Opt For A Small Flat White With Skimmed Milk For A Creamy Satisfying Coffee Experience Without The Calorie Overload.

Keep it simple and light with a regular americano and enjoy its coffee taste

Iced espresso is made with skimmed milk and has 100 calories or less