Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm - Uses Side Effects And More

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A Natural Stress Reliever: Lemon Balm Often Used In Aromatherapy Has Calming Properties That Can Help Reduce Stress And Anxiety Promoting Relaxation.

Improved Sleep Quality: Enjoy A Restful Night'S Sleep By Sipping Lemon Balm Tea Known For Its Ability To Ease Insomnia And Sleep Disorders.

Enhanced Cognitive Function: Lemon Balm May Boost Cognitive Function And Memory Making It A Valuable Herb For Mental Clarity.

Digestive Aid: It Can Alleviate Indigestion Gas And Bloating Acting As A Gentle Digestive Aid.

Antiviral Powers: Lemon Balm Contains Compounds That Combat Cold Sores And Herpes Outbreaks.

Skin Health: Topical Lemon Balm Preparations Can Soothe Skin Irritations Including Insect Bites And Rashes.

Potential Side Effects: Some Individuals May Experience Mild Side Effects Like Nausea Or Dizziness When Consuming Lemon Balm.