Dog-Training Tips And Techniques That Really Work

Every Dog Should Be Familiar With A Few Fundamental Tricks And Commands Beyond The Straightforward Recall. The Words "Speak" "Drop It" "Stay" "Back Up" Etc. Should Be Covered. Build Your Repertoire

These Fundamental Instructions Provide Your Dog Structure. They May Also Assist You In Resolving Typical Dog Behavior Issues And Ensure The Safety Of Your Dog. Build Your Repertoire

Using "Good!" When You Are Immediately Marking A Behavior Or Keeping Up That Good Conduct. Additionally Use "Ok!" To Release The Puppy From A Particular Command. Use A Few Unique Marker Words

If You'Re Curious How This Actually Sounds It Would Sound Something Like "Come Good. Good. Sit. Good Location. Stay Okay. Use A Few Unique Marker Words

Holding Up Your Hand And Calmly Saying "Good!" Will Help You Continue Excellent Behavior. Use Your Hands

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