9 Morning Workouts Under 5 Minutes

There are 9 morning workouts under 5 minutes

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Jumpstart Your Day With Jumping Jacks : Start Your Day With 2 Minutes Of Jumping Jacks To Boost Your Heart Rate And Wake Up Your Muscles.

Plank For A Strong Core : A 1-Minute Plank Engages Your Core Helping With Posture And Stability Throughout The Day.

Quick High Knees : Spend 30 Seconds Doing High Knees To Increase Your Heart Rate And Improve Leg Strength.

Wall Sits For Leg Endurance : A 2-Minute Wall Sit Is Excellent For Building Leg Strength And Endurance.

Morning Yoga Flow : Dedicate 5 Minutes To A Quick Yoga Routine To Enhance Flexibility And Mindfulness.

Push-Ups For Upper Body Strength : Do 1-Minute Of Push-Ups To Work Your Chest Shoulders And Arms.

Fast Bodyweight Squats : 1 Minute Of Bodyweight Squats Helps Strengthen Your Lower Body.