Tabata workout for butt and abs

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Tabata Basics: Tabata Is A High-Intensity Interval Training (Hiit) Method Involving 20 Seconds Of All-Out Effort Followed By 10 Seconds Of Rest. Get Ready For An Intense Burn!

Warm-Up: Start With A Quick Warm-Up To Prevent Injury. March In Place Do Arm Circles And Light Stretching For 2 Minutes.

Squat Jumps (Round 1): Begin With Squat Jumps. Squat Down Explode Up And Repeat For 20 Seconds. Rest For 10 Seconds.

Russian Twists (Round 2): Sit On The Floor Lean Back Lift Your Feet And Twist Your Torso To Touch The Ground On Each Side. Keep It Intense For 20 Seconds.

Mountain Climbers (Round 3): Get Into A Plank Position And Alternate Bringing Your Knees Towards Your Chest As Fast As You Can For 20 Seconds.

Lunges (Round 4): Step Forward Into Lunges Ensuring Your Knees Don'T Go Over Your Toes. Alternate Legs For 20 Seconds.

Bicycle Crunches (Round 5): Lie On Your Back Bring Your Opposite Elbow To Your Knee As You Bicycle Your Legs. Keep It Up For 20 Seconds.